D&L Shakey Head

The D&L shakey head features a unique chip resistant head design to keep your bait standing up on the bottom. It also features a strong super sharp
lite wire hook that will give you the upper hand when landing big fish. The twist lock keeper holds your bait in place for that perfect presentation.

$4.79 per pack

SKU Size Material Qty Per Pack StockQuantityPrice
DLB18 1/8Black5 14 $4.79
DLB36 3/16Black5 9 $4.79
DLB14 1/4Black5 8 $4.79
DLB38 3/8Black4 7 $4.79
DLB12 1/2Black4 6 $4.79
DLGP18 1/8Green Pumpkin5 9 $4.79
DLGP316 3/16Green Pumpkin5 6 $4.79
DLGP14 1/4Green Pumpkin5 8 $4.79
DLGP38 3/8Green Pumpkin4 7 $4.79
DLGP12 1/2Green Pumpkin4 8 $4.79